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C. elegans publications from TAIWAN


Overview of CECF services


(All Services are free for Taiwanese C. elegans researcher)


Microinjection Facility at NTHU

  • Teaching how to perform microinjection
  • Free usage of our microinjection setup

Description of equipment:

  • Fully automated Olympus IX81 with DIC (10x air, 40x air, 60x oil and 100x oil)
  • Nipkow spinning disk for live-animal confocal imaging (GFP, RFP, YFP, CFP)
  • Eppendorf FemtoJet express
  • Andor iXon DV887 EMCCD high-speed, high-sensitivity camera
  • F-View II CCD (camera for DIC and brightfield)
  • analySIS Life Science Research software
  • Andor iQ Live Cell Imaging software
  • Nikon Stereo Microscope SMZ1000 with GFP, RFP and CFP filters


Gene Gun (Biolistic Particle Delivery System) at NCKU

  • Teaching how to perform C. elegans bombardments
  • Free usage of the biolistic particle delivery system (Bio-Rad PDS-1000/He)


Strain and Plasmid collection/RNAi, Fosmid and ORFeome libraries/Automated Plate Pouring System at NTU

  • Free usage of our Automated Plate Pouring System
  • Free order (and backup) of strains from CGC
  • Free order of clones from the Fosmid and ORFeome Library
  • Free order of RNAi feeding clones and Andrew Fire vectors
  • Freezing strains and plasmids for backup
  • Requesting strains and plasmids


RNAi library screening and Microplate Reader at NCKU

  • Technical consultation and assistance to genome-wide RNAi library screening and RNAi feeding plasmid construction
  • Usage of the microplate reader for performing fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance measurements (the DTX 800 Multimode Detector) in RNAi library screening


Pheno- and genotyping service at NTHU

  • We assist in phenotyping of newly generated or received strains (from CGC) and provide a full-range of behavioral assays
  • We assist and carry out genotyping of newly generated or received strains (from CGC) on the genomic and transcriptional level (Reverse Transcription PCR and Real-Time qPCR services)



  • Technical consultation and assistance to perform gene knock-outs in C. elegans based on CRISPR technology


Support for new C. elegans researchers

  • We provide assistance in setting-up worm labs
  • We help with experimental design
  • We provide protocols


Meetings, seminars and workshops

  • Bi-monthly meetings for Taiwan C. elegans labs to exchange professional knowledge on C. elegans-based research
  • We occasionally provide C. elegans summer workshops for Graduate and Undergraduate students
  • General lectures and workshops on C. elegans based research are announced here


How to use these services? Please contact us. Currently the services are free to Taiwanese Researcher. Based on the frequency of usage, fees for certain consumables may apply in the future.